Adele - Someone Like You (lyrics In Deion)

Adele - Someone Like You (lyrics In Deion) Rating: 5/ 5 [1 votes]

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addie3 said: 
09 17, 2011, 5:09 pm
i love this song, more than anything. i listen to it all the time. it explains everything- and more. i'd be lost withoout it. it follows me to succsess. just as much as the artist. adele, i love her. and her songs. she is beautiful and helps me through everything. shes my insperation. when im having a bad day. or a rough time in life, she inspires me to keep my head up. and look past all the people that try to bring you down. she doesnt let them. and neither will i. i hope someday to meet her. and be just like her. whoever broke her heart.. is missing out on something amazing.
- your my hero. i love you. (:
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